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is it the automatic tax increases force us into the cliff come monday total 55 billion for defense or domestic spending into the future. >> it is a nightmare. >> it is a total disaster to create chaos. >> drive the economy off the fiscal cliff. john: really? one says sequestration may be okay. russ roberts comment not a horrible crisis? >> government spending is 3.8 trillion. you will cut 100 billion? that is one deck chair on the titanic. john: it is good across the board. >> if their actual cuts. i would do 20% across-the-board but that scares people because they think let's save the things that are important and cut the things that are not. it is all important. the tax increases sound scarier of 400 billion but we have a $1 trillion deficit. each year we spend $1 trillion more than we take 10. so to raise taxes by 400 billion we have already raised them 1 trillion in the future. it is probably a good idea toay the spending is not a free lunch. john: and they're not talking about get rid of deductions and make it simpler. >> tax reform is great there is good and bad some deductions would be
. >> this is the image of public toilets. in my town public parks including this one used to look gross. garbage and graffiti. >> sharing is not necessarily caring. sharing can mean neglect but then why is this park so nice because it's under new management. private management. >> it goes against what people expect. >> this is privately managed park? >> really. i did notice last week. >> john: even the toilets are better. >> they clean them very nicely. >> when you own something you take care of it. when no one owns it, nobody takes care of it. nobody watches a rental. >> people destroy other property like the rain forest. settlers killed nearly almost all of the buffalo. now, we are overfishing the ocean. >> when nobody owns it nobody takes care it. it's the tragedy of the commons. that is our show tonight. >> hands now john stossel. >> john: we like the idea of sharing, communal property but it does lead to one economists call the tragedy of the commons because nasty things happen when everybody owns something. i first heard that phrase and a story about some shepherds who live around a grassy
kidding me? i had the the in turn like that. we parted company. [laughter] i have used them all of my career. someday research. summer journalist. but they say the labor department should punish those companies. our next guest author of the big squeeze, and also steve didn't comment most cause problems? >> experts say many internships cause problems the labor department has ruled. john: they have never been enforced. >> and neither is the obama administration. >> nobody raised their hand. that it has to be toto the sole benefit of the intern not the immediate benefit of the employer. aside from dell law what is wrong? it is a win-win. >> in many ways. but some say it is great instead of taking on the young people. johnit would day replace the paid work? >> a few weeks ago i interviewed workplace correspondence from eight coulda college in new york and got a job at the most famous fashion house. nine a.m. through 9:00 p.m. not paid at all. weekends, sometimes she got their lunch. john: she can quit. >> that is true. that we believe companies should follow the rules. >> then they should
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3